29th of April – Thank You

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Thanks for Letting me walk this Camino

As I prepared to start my second day of the Camino, my thoughts turned to those who’ve made this journey possible.

Without their hard work and support, this journey wouldn’t even be possible for me.

A huge thank you to my wife, Pat, for doing without me for two months whilst I undertake the Camino. I’m trying not to feel too selfish for spending that time away from her. A huge thank you.

For my fantastic team back at work and in particular, Chau, David, Steven, Paul and the rest of the team for taking care of things whilst I’m away, it really, really is appreciated and I wouldn’t be able to do this without your support.

And of course, to my support team in the Philippines, based in Davao.

In particular, Jaris, for holding the fort while I’m away, for Maybelle, who’s transcribing all of my audios and posting them up on my blog along with photos and videos.

She’s doing a fantastic job because I’m sending her so much material it’s probably a full-time job at the moment.

And for Paolo, who’s maintaining the blog site and keeping it all working and keeping my map up to date and so many other things, thanks mate.

Without the support and encouragement of all of these wonderful people, I wouldn’t be here. Thank you.

P.S. I’m reminded of that fantastic song, Thank You, by Alanis Morissette, that is part of the soundtrack of the movie The Way. It really is very appropriate.

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  1. Pat

    Sorry, u forgot to thank Mr. Bean to be your company:-)

  2. Rob

    Very true. But he doesn’t have to walk!

    He’s had lots of photos taken….

  3. yaying

    oh my sir…u mentioned my home…davao…missing it so much though… choices of working hard outbound.
    when your reading selective post…now i laughed i realized that mr. bean who was been clinging on your bag… enough reason why he got wet too much… somehow along the way it eases and makes me smile despite of problems.

    • Rob

      Davao. Yes I’m lucky to have a great support team working with me there. One of whom is my wonderful video editor Maybelle!

      • yaying

        and now another wonderful davaoena blog follower…im really hooked into blog by blog from the start…no selection


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