27th of April – Arrival in Saint Jean

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Arrival in St Jean – I’m Really Here!

One more day to go and I’m now on my way to my start point, Saint Jean Pied de Port.

The first stage of the journey was by TGV bullet train from Paris, which I have to say was really comfortable.

Although for some reason, they only announce the platform that the train is leaving from 20 minutes before it departs so there tends to be a mad rush for seats, but luckily I had a seat booked.

The journey was uneventful and I had arranged a pickup by Caroline from Express Bourricot from Bayonne Station and that worked perfectly.

Caroline provides a great service. So I arrived in Saint Jean at about 4:30 and had time for a look around and couldn’t help but notice that the weather was very cold and it was raining.

I wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow when I start my walk.

Paris to Saint Jean via TGV Bullet Train

Paris to Saint Jean

I was walking around the old town, getting acclimitised and finding my directions.

I suddenly realised I didn’t know which way to start the walk tomorrow morning.

I managed to find in the Brierley guide that I was to start on the Rue de la Citadelle and continue down there to the Spanish Gate. I found that and now know where I need to start in the morning, which is probably a good thing to know.

At dinner this evening, I had my first encounter of the camaraderie that exists on the Camino. I’ve met plenty of other pilgrims also preparing for their first walk. Sleeping tonight will be difficult, in anticipation of my first day tomorrow.

Note.  Those 2 Pilgrims I had dinner with I dined with again, quite a few times.   You do see familiar faces all the time.

Saint Jean Pied de Port

Saint Jean Pied de Port sights

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  1. Dave

    I know that bridge in St Jean well, there is a small church nearby from where I think some pilgrims start their journey.

    • Rob

      That’s the one…

  2. Clare

    I saw your blog address on your last forum post. I remember your first posts about the rice cooker, so it’s hard to believe you are finally on the Camino. The blog is very nicely done – with a good selection of photos to go with the narrative and make us feel like we are there.

    Buen camino.

    • Rob

      Thanks Clare. Those crazy rice cooker ideas seem like a long way back in my Camino ‘education’. And you guys didn’t laugh at me 🙂 my first lesson in the spirit of the Camino.

      I wouldn’t be as well prepared physically or mentally without all the great advice from the forum.

      Should be some video going up today. They just take an age to upload. I got a great video of a whole herd of wild horses walking by…. just me and them… lots of special moments yesterday. And lots of videos to share them…

      • Jeff Ewins

        Hey Rob. – Jeff here…again. I’ve just finished my planning for transportation from Paris to SJPdP. Same schedule as you except that I’ll be taking a local train from Bayonne into SJPdP, which I’ve read is a piece of the Camino family social experience. Was there a specific reason you chose not to take the train and opt for a private transport (perhaps timing)? I’m still honing my plans. Thanks!

        • Rob

          I can’t recall Jeff. I think it was a question of not wanting to wait around. But the minbus had lots of other people in it too.

  3. Siana

    Hey Rob 🙂

    Fellow Aussie here 🙂

    Firstly – Thank you for your content! I have watched so many of your YouTube videos, you have helped me feel more prepared, relaxed and excited for my first Camino this month 😀 It is really so appreciated!

    Question for you – What company did you go through to book your train ticket?



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