26th of April – Paris

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Paris – En Route to the Camino Frances

So the hotel I managed to book online in Paris turned out to be really nice in a very handy location, near the station where I’ll catch the TGV tomorrow.

I intended this stop in Paris to be a kind of transition between home and the Camino and also to get over the jet lag. It’s been interesting so far to travel from the relative luxury of the Qantas business class flight to the Emirates economy class flight to getting the bus from the airport to the Gare Montparnasse and in finally walking to the hotel. It really does seem a little bit like a transition and I now feel like I’m on my way to my Camino.

Luckily, the hotel was in a great location, near the station, and the street is full of really interesting restaurants. So I managed to venture out for a fantastic lunch, and then rested a bit to get over my jet lag.


2015-04-26 13.14.26


Of course by dinner time, it was another chance to sample some of the local restaurants, and right across the street from the hotel was a fantastic Creperie.


2015-04-26 13.46.09


I really think my Camino is starting to look like that of Joost from the movie The Way, who seemed to eat his way across Spain.

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  1. Dave

    I think you and your waistline are going to be in constant battle on this trip bro… LOL

    • Rob

      LOL. I stopped to chat to some guys on bikes today at the head of the Valcarlos valley and almost expected your mug to appear as they took their helmets off! Trying to have light dinners..but not easy…

  2. Pat

    Nice hotel, nice food, it’s just perfect. 🙂

  3. Kerrie

    Hi Rob,
    have only just started reading your blog, loving it already! I’m heading off September this year (2016). A couple of questions – what time did you arrive in Paris? Morning or afternoon? Thanks for the bus info to Gare Montparnasse. Did you book the train before you left? What is the name of your Hotel in Paris?

    • Rob

      Hi Kerrie. Glad you like the blog. I think I enjoyed the blogging as much as the walking! I arrived in Paris (CDG) at 9:30 am. The Bus is not easy to find. Not well signposted. Keep your eyes open.

      Yes, I booked the TGV a few weeks ahead. I picked a nice single seat. I think it was a Premium carriage of some sort. The seat configuration was X aisle XX. You have to look out for your carriage number. It’s quite a long train.

      Hotel in Paris was Best Western Bretagne Montparnasse . About 600 metres to the station I think. Lovely places to eat in the same street as Hotel.


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