10th of May – Emotional Overload

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Camino Emotions are Running High

As I was leaving Granon heading for the next village which I think is Redecilla del Camino, the path opened out with a classic Camino view with the gravel track passing through green pastures.


Looking back at grand canon

Leaving Granon


I remembered that I had the soundtrack from The Way on my phone, it seemed like a perfect moment.

I hooked up my headphones and played the soundtrack as I walked in total isolation on this path, with all of the emotions built up so far on my journey coupled with those of the movie.

It was a total emotional overload, but in a fantastic way.

A joyous feeling in every way.

If I was taken in that moment I would have died a happy man…

The only thing missing, I thought, whilst the tears rolled down my face, was that Pat, my wife, or one of my kids wasn’t joining me in this moment.

Camino joy……..


Walking with Music

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  1. Simon

    Well let’s get real Rob- although missing Pat terribly you know if she was with you today instead of looking at the view you would have been hunting a toilet !

    Hope your big day today went well


    • Rob

      LOL. Those are few and far between whilst walking. ..

      The ‘big day’ was …… well ….. big!

  2. alex

    Was that a hint I should do it?

    • Rob

      Not at all…. it was just a great moment that couldn’t be shared…

      I realize now you can’t pressure people into doing this or joining you on the journey.

      It’s a very personal thing and you really have to be a want to do it. Most Pilgrims talk about being ‘drawn’ to it.

      Probably why most do it alone!

  3. yaying

    though all soundtrack was great but my ears really like ‘Nadal de luintra & ali ali oh’

    • Rob

      Yes, I like that one too. And ‘Thank You’………


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