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11th of May – The Big Challenge

11th of May – The Big Challenge

Rob The Traveller

A Big Camino Challenge


Today will probably be my greatest challenge so far physically in walking the Camino. (But not the last Big Challenge as I would find later)


Due to accommodation availability, I had two options today, either walk really short, 10 or 12 kilometers, or go long, which will be about 31 kilometers.

I’ve decided to try the 31. It’s going to be a challenge, I know that. But I won’t be stupid. If it looks like jeopardizing my Camino, I’ll bail and bus forward to my accommodation tonight.

But I’d really like to be able to achieve it. It will come down to good water management and listening to my body, taking plenty of rest, icing, and just trying to get through a very, very long day.

As I pulled in last night, I thought to myself, “Could I do an extra 8 kilometers?!

At the time, I didn’t think so. But today is a new day and with care, good hydration and plenty of breaks, I think I might be able to make it.

Let’s see. 



Camino Body Awareness

It’s amazing how when you’re walking the Camino you become very aware of how your body feels and how it’s performing.

I guess it’s not surprising, because if you don’t take care of it, it’s not going to get you to Santiago.

I noticed this morning coming down the hill from the hostel a tightness in my left calf which I felt a few times before. This tends to be caused because I have a slight limp due to the tendinitis. And because of that limp, other parts of the body compensate and hence my calf tends to tighten up.

I need to take care, to stretch that calf regularly during the walk, otherwise, it locks up totally. Right now I’ve covered 2 kilometers, it’s warming up nicely and the tightness is easing.

As I go through my body check, my back is holding up, it seems to be improving with my regular stretching in the morning.

Hydration seems okay, I had a couple of orange juices at breakfast and drank water during the night, but I’ll make sure that I take plenty and I mean PLENTY of water on board all through today.


  1. You seem to be very well established into a rythmn now Rob. Glad you tried a Parador, though I agree they can be a bit impersonal. Its an emotional journey on all levels, I’ve often had the same feeling riding alone on the bike – its a cleansing of the body and soul really – not unlike Our Lord’s time in The Wilderness.

    • Very like that Dave. The first week or so is very physical with a focus on just ‘managing’… and ‘coping’.

      After that it can become almost a meditative state at times with the Rhythm of the walk, the periods of isolation and a heightening of the senses. .. being totally open to the moment.

      Really cool…..

      That day walking with music was almost an ‘out of body’ experience… calm and happiness on over drive….

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