Day 44 – Camino Invierno Blog & Video – A Rua de Valdeorras to Soldon Videos

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Camino Invierno Day 5 (Day 44 Overall)

This was 20 kilometres from A Rua to Soldon. Some nice hills along the way just to get the blood pumping, mainly following the river Sil; so, some wonderful views. And this evening was a day where I had to carry my own food because I was staying in a small apartment next to the river in Soldon. And so, I had to bring food to cook for myself. There were no shops or bars or anything in Soldon. And that all went really well. I had a lovely little tourist chalet near the river. And that broke up that stage very nicely.

And what made today very special was meeting three Camino Angels. One was an old guy who called me over so that I could pick some Cherries  from his Cherry trees and they tasted absolutely delicious.

Another was on a stage with no services. Someone had put out a donativo stand with drinks and fruit and a stamp which was really great. It was great to get some fruit and some juice.

And then the third one was a lady who showed me around one of the local churches and spent the time to tell me the history of it, which was really great.

Another wonderful day on this Camino.

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