The Cat Cafe

We’re just on our way to Pamplona and stopping for coffee in Zuriain and it looks like they now have a cat cafe on the Camino.



Pat is managing to unload lots of her salami to the cats here and they won’t leave her alone. It’s smoked up sausage or something.

The Camino Cat Cafe, we found it.


Hike or Camino

We’re just on our way to Pamplona, probably halfway between Pamplona and¬†Akerreta, on a bit of a high ground overlooking the valley with the river Erro running through it, and we’re just pausing and taking a big breath of that wonderful fresh air. What races in my mind again that question of “What is a hike and what is a Camino? What is a pilgrimage?”¬†



I’m thinking I don’t think I’d want to hike anywhere where there wasn’t a sense of purpose and a destination. I think that’s really what makes this very special. Although we’re not really thinking about the destination at the moment, we’re just kind of living day by day as you do on the Camino. If you think about the destination,you kind of get a bit overwhelmed about the distance that you have to walk. There’s usually a sense of you’re heading somewhere. There’s a sense of purpose and you’re amongst a sort of community of people doing the same thing is really cool. We’re really looking forward to all parts of this journey.


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