Day 3 – Roncesvalles to Biskarreta

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A short but very pleasant walk from Roncesvalles to Biskarreta  and we made a short detour when we got to Burguete.




We wanted to show our appreciation to the bomberos of Burguete (the local fire brigade rescue team), and so we thought we’d drop in a donation to their headquarters.

The building is just 500 meters west of Burguete, so whilst Pat waited in the church, I went off down to the bomberos’ headquarters and dropped in an envelop into their letterbox with a thank you note.


Roncesvalles to Biskarreta 4

Burguete Bomberos


The bomberos did a fantastic job looking after the pilgrims on the Camino Frances, particularly on the stretch over the Pyrenees where quite frequently pilgrims call for help if they’re trapped on the snow or otherwise have problems, and the bomberos are the guys who actually respond and get up on the mountain and rescue them.

The walk today was fairly uneventful and where we stopped was the small village of Biskarreta, which is not exactly a metropolis!



We intentionally set out late from Roncesvalles because we knew there was really nothing in our destination at Biskarreta. We got to Biskarreta at about 5 o’clock and just wandered down to a local store to top up on provisions and then had an early night.


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