22nd of April – 3 Sleeps to go

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This Camino is Starting to Feel Very Real!

The time to depart on my Camino is almost here.


3 Sleeps to go. 

My Physio advised me yesterday that the Achilles Tendonitis pain will only get worse as I walk.  Though he confirmed as did my Doctor, that no permanent damage will occur.

I’m not looking forward to it.  (the pain) I’ll just have to be really aware of taking soft routes where ever possible, stopping to do lots of stretching, and maybe transporting my heavier gear for the first week or two…  A regime of warm ups before starting, ice packs after stopping and constant stretching, I’m hoping will get me through.  Along with a few strong pain killers!

I can really sympathise with those who get Tendonitis mid Camino and am very impressed that many still complete their walk….  I just hope I can….

But I think I need to make sure that this current injury does not become my focus and consume my whole Camino.

I’ll just need to ‘deal’ with it on a daily basis as advised, and whatever happens will happen.  My main focus needs to be the Camino, and enjoying it and learning from it, in whatever way I can manage.

So this Blog won’t dissolve into a Thesis on how to deal with tendonitis!   I think that would be a waste of a Camino Experience…

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  1. Liki

    Hi Rob, I wish I knew your website before i went for the camino. I didn’t train myself before. I thought because I like to walk and I walk everywhere in my city. and sometimes i go for hiking. I thought all of that is enough. Not at all.. I got injured on my day 4, doctor told me that I sprain my ankle, but I thought i hit my tendon as well. I rest for few days and completed the rest 5 days and arrived in Santiago. after back home I just figured out that I have fracture on my tibia bone. and need to rest my left leg until get heal. I am glad i just got to know about it after I finished the camino. And I plan to do it again with longer route. I do really enjoy the journey on the camino.

    • Rob

      Yes, a bit of training and good general fitness and core exercises do help to reduce injury. I learned the hard way too!


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