7th of May – The Way to Navarrete

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Camino Videos – Day 9?  I’ve lost count…

A Typical Breakfast


90 Pounds Wet


Clothing and Avoiding Sunburn


Inspirational Pilgrims


Fishing Story


Approaching Logroño






Church Logroño




En Route to Navarrete


Listen to your body


Icing Heels


Final 2 kms


Final kilometer


Made It

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  1. Dave

    The Spanish don’t eat a big breakfast Rob as they tend to ‘snack’ through the morning on things like churros dipped in chocolate. You do however get a fried breakfast in paradors and tourist hotels. Looks like the warmer weather has already reached you – sunburn is a problem on the bike too.

    • Rob

      As I have discovered…

      But I might just get a fried breakfast on Sunday in Santo Domingo 🙂

      Sadly a piece of toast does not provide enough fuel for walking. At least not for me.

      So I carry small bags of nuts and raisens to snack on.

      The last couple of days I’ve downed a sports drink mid walk. Gives me a great boost.

  2. alex

    I like the En Route to Navaretta video. Looks fancy.

    • Rob

      Really cool old village. Had some great pintxos and Rioja in good company.

  3. Clare

    It seems like you have really relaxed into your journey now. Buen camino!

    • Rob

      Hi Clare. Yes. I think it takes a week to find your ‘rhythm’ and cope with the physical effort.

      Certainly more relaxed about it all know. Though the walking is never ‘easy’. You just get used to it.

  4. Dave

    Yes, good idea Rob to carry small packs of high energy foodstuffs, even a Mars Bar works wonders. I find Red Bull energy drink very effective if I’m tired on a bike ride.

  5. Pepin

    Gents, you could have your breakfast anywhere and in any Bar and any time. Just make sure the bar you stopping has more than one atendent,, that because if the guy is alone can not go to the kitchen for 10 minutes to prepare your breakfast.. Ask for as much as fried eggs and beacon, Spanish oo french omelet. Just ask for it . You should try Mediterranean breakfast too. Be patient if they can not speak English or Copa with accent or way of saying trust me if you do not scare them they will do their best to understand them


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