30th of April – From Roncesvalles to Viscarret

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Camino Day 3 – Stopping in a Small Village Today

Roncesvalles to Burgette


Gaining Height


Burgette 1


Burgette 2


A Quick Break


Espinal Farmer


Ice at Viscarret


My Casa Rural Room


Downtown Viscarret


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  1. Sue

    Pleased to hear that Mr Bean is with you!

  2. Rob

    He was not impressed today. Got very wet and lost for awhile. ..

    Both of us that is…

    He features in videos of the next stage.

  3. Pat

    It ‘s very green there. Love it

    • Rob

      Because it rains a lot! Rained all day today…

  4. Dave

    I remember passing the Hemingway hostel two years ago on the bike Rob, and yes Spanish villages go to sleep in the afternoon but pick up again in the evenings !

    • Rob

      This one didn’t liven up Dave!

      Oh it did at 6am. …The animals woke up 🙂

      • Dave

        Pamplona will definitely be livelier !

        • Rob

          As we all dragged ourselves in this afternoon, the place was packed. Seems everyone goes out on a Saturday for lunch to see and be seen…

  5. Clare

    Glad to see that you are pacing yourself well. It’s hard to do! What camera are you using for the video?

  6. Rob

    Just a phone Clare. Galaxy Note 3.

    Was using 1440×1080. Tried 320×480 for this day. But quality was too poor really.

  7. alex

    Yeah I agree.

    The quality was lacking on these video’s.

    Will you have enough space with the higher quality video’s?

    • Rob

      Easy. I have 2 spare memory cards…. just that uploading them takes ages. About an hour for a 1 minute video (100 mb)

      That’s why they are all short!

  8. Dave

    Although things might seem tedious and slow at times, remember you are now living and moving at the pace humans were designed to, and which 99.99% of all people who ever lived adapted to. Only in the last 170 years (since railways were built) has the ordinary human been able to cover more than around 30kms a day on foot, unless he was lucky enough to have a horse !

    • Rob

      I’m quite happy with slow…. 2-3 Kms an hour. No point in rushing…

    • amorfati

      that was/is one of the ‘experiences’ i so very much enjoyed on the camino – the natural pace again.
      my body and spirit were delighted! soo soothing.


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