Time is Really Running Out on my Camino!


It’s another sunny day as I’m on the road by 7:45. I’m walking through pine woods to the sound of the birds.



But of course there are a few more pilgrims on the road these days.

It’s funny how perceptions change in terms of time and distance during these final days.

Up until this point, I didn’t really think too much about how long I have been walking, or how far I had walked.

And I certainly wasn’t counting how far I still had to walk, or how many days I still had to walk.

But it’s like things have turned around during the last few days.

I’m now very aware of how many kilometers I still have to walk to get to Santiago. And I know exactly how many days it will take me.

I wonder why this heightened awareness comes about? I guess it’s because the journey is slowly coming to an end.

It’s funny looking back 2 or 3 weeks ago. If someone had asked me how many days will it take you to walk to Santiago, or how many kilometers have you still got to walk, I really would not have had a clue.

Back then it was just being in the moment walking each day, day by day. It was almost like the journey was never going to end.

Now the end is in sight, and that leaves mixed feelings.

I feel that there are things still unfinished on this journey, gaps to be filled. But there is also a very strong  yearning to be home.


70 kilometers to go

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