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25th of May – En Route to Foncebadón

25th of May – En Route to Foncebadón

Rob The Traveller

Heading towards Foncebadon and the Cruz de Ferro

I’m excited about this day and tomorrow. Tonight I climb the hills up to Foncebadon, above Rabanal.  So that early tomorrow I can reach the Cruz de Ferro soon after dawn…


Departing Astorga


Santa Catalina


Close to Rabanal


Deserted Trail


Fixing Feet


So far so good


Getting tougher


Reflecting on the day


  1. Again, thank you for the foot/shin care advice. I had not thought to educate myself on treatment options should I suffer shin splints.


    • It’s well worth finding a range of DIY treatments for the most common Camino injuries 🙂

      Helps also to recognize symptoms early!

      Also, you may be a 2-3 hour walk from the next village, so you need a few things to ‘mend’ problems along the way. At least to get you to the next stop.

      Of course for anything really serious, the emergency services will get to you. I saw a pilgrim being wheeled about a km along a small track on a wheeled ambulance stretcher.


  1. Cruz de Ferro and Beyond | Foncebadón to Molinaseca on the Camino - […] walk up to the cross from Foncebadon was only about two and a half kilometers and it was a…

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