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Another Rest Day – Leon


A rest day in Leon yesterday (22nd) was just what I needed.

Other than a look  around the Cathedral, it was a day of rest. Though I did manage to find a great Physio!

23rd will see me ending up at Hospital de Orbigo.

The 24th I’ll be aiming for Astorga,  with a stop along the way to visit ‘David’ who now devotes his life to supporting pilgrims on their journey.

His Cantina in the middle of nowhere is called the ‘Abode of the Gods’.  I look forward to meeting him!

Maybelle will be updating all the transcripts, pics, and videos on Monday….



23rd.  Arrived in orbigo OK.  A good day.  Mojo is back 🙂



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  1. Wrenchy

    Hi Rob,
    It has been a great pleasure to meet you on the Way. You are a very kind, deeply thoughtful man with a great sense of humour.
    Time and decrepitude is not on my side at the moment so I will avidly follow your journey through this blog.
    God bless,


    • Rob

      Great to meet you too Wrenchy, and keep up the writing!

      Thank you for your kind words……though anyone who knows me will wonder who you actually met! LOL.

  2. El Ramon

    Robby good to see you still walking ur own way! Looking forward to running into you again! Met David today……

    • Rob

      ‘El Ramon’! Good to hear from you. Look forward to sharing the road again. I’ve just hit hospital De orbigo.

      Meeting David tomorrow I hope.

      Good news…. your video came out great….In sound.

      Bad news. The battery was low and it’s kind of black and white….

      Good news. After it took about 3 days to upload and consumed half the available bandwidth in Spain, it should go up Monday

  3. Charles Shinn

    Am wondering what the impact of always rooming alone has been on forming a tight knit Camino family? The encouragement and assistance of fellow pilgrims must be a major help thru challenges. How did you locate a good physic?

    Really enjoying traveling the Camino via your blog. Ultreia!!

    • Rob

      I just asked Hotel reception for a good Physio …

      Rooming alone? This was an online debate for me for almost 12 months. I gave up defending it to the albergue lobby.

      It’s a very personal thing…

      I can’t imagine anything worse than sleeping with 40 other people LOL

      Long story. I might write about it at the end.

      As for a tight knit family. That changes, because people travel at different speeds, want to stop in different places etc.

      I see people every day that I have met along the journey. Share a meal with them. Support each other. …

      Nothing to do with sleeping in the same room!

      About half the people I have met changed from communal living to private rooms so they could get some privacy and sleep!

      Some love communal living. Some don’t. We’re all different.

      Have you walked a Camino yet? Will be interesting to see if you like Albergues.

      Afternote. Often that perfectly timed support and encouragement will be from a total stranger. Not a member of your ‘camino family’ who is waiting for you at the next coffee stop….

      • Charles Shinn


        No, haven’t walked the Camino yet although I’ve twice been all set to go when events forced my delaying. First try was for Sept 2013. A month before departure my wife learned she had breast cancer. Second attempt was this April when the removal of a melanoma from my lower leg resulted in a blood clot. Still dealing with that. Feel very fortunate that it happened before I left as I probably would have misread the swelling as a result of all the walking, kept on pushing onward and ended up dying of a pulmonary embolism.

        So I’m enjoying your blog and walking with you mentally as I wait for this DVT to resolve.

        FWIW my plan had been to stay in private lodgings the first three days by taking the Valcarlos route, then switch to Albergues. Wanted to recover from jet lag and the Pyrenees by getting a good nights sleep. I think the big attraction of the Camino for me is my fellow pilgrims. So much to learn from them. With a German wife I’ve been to Europe many, many times so not as big an adventure as it is for many Americans.

        Hoping you avoid shin splints and keep the tendonitis under control. Really impressed with your progress so far.

        • Rob

          Good luck with your own planning Charles.

          Whenever and however you make it, you’ll love it..

  4. yaying

    oh my el ramon…sir does he have any blog i can follow through?

    • Rob

      I don’t think so.


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