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Camino Gear Tips

Camino Gear Tips

Rob The Traveller

Some Tips on Camino Equipment

During a rest break I thought it might be useful to review some of the equipment that I’m using on this Camino.    I might try to do a more comprehensive review when I get home.



  1. You spoke about Gortex boots, something potential walkers should also consider is Lycra – I can’t wear it at all and I know others have problems too. A lot of hiking gear contains Lycra, so if you’re allergic to it then make sure undergarments and socks are natural fibre like cotton or wool. Is it easy to buy replacement items along the way, like boots, sticks etc? When planning the load to carry in your rucksack – always ‘go light’ rather than think “I might need that”.

  2. There are many thoughts about gear Dave. Lots of preferences.

    Cotton is not considered suitable as it takes too long to dry and smells after a while with just hand washing.

    Synthetics have good moisture wicking properties.

    Some people rave about merino wool. I have a couple of merino shirts I was trialling but they are way too hot for me. ..

    I’ll do a full gear review at the end of my Camino

    It’s not that easy to replace items other than in the big towns. Which are only few and far between. Plus things like boots really need to be worn in..

    • re Merino wool

      I have been training for nearly four years (short story behind) and agree on cotton.

      I found synthetics OK

      But prefer merino wool, so long as it is the lighter weight (about 135/150 gsm – grams per square metre)

      From others I have also learnt what most women already know – layering.

      For early morning one short sleeve merino top with a light-weight wind resistant jacket. After an hour or so the jacket goes into a side/back pocket.

      If it is especially cold I will put a long sleeve light-weight merino over the short sleeve and the jacket on top. I don’t usually do up the jacket so everything breathes.

      And for cold evening I have a second short sleeve light-weight merino top.

      As we are all different: this is what seems to work for me.

      • Yep. We are certainly all different 🙂 I actually have a few Merino shirts, I took one on the Camino. But I just find them too hot in warm weather. Anything over about 20 degrees. Great shirts though!

        And you’re ‘spot on’ with the layering…

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