In Search of Santiago

A personal journey along the Camino de Santiago

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30th of May – Journey to Triacastela

30th of May – Journey to Triacastela

Rob The Traveller

Equipment and Body Repairs on the Camino

My gear and I are starting to break 🙁

My focus now is on just getting to Santiago and making sure I walk every step of the way, which is a requirement to obtain the Compostela.  With good foot care and walking slowly (even slower), I’m sure I’ll make it….


Morning Start


Great mountain views


Pilgrim Statue


Old church and chickens


Feeding chickens


More cows


Water fountain


Foot repairs


More foot repairs


Small villages


Gear failure


102 km to go…


  1. ohhh…even metal one injured how much more the body pain… though i really cant relate, but bit feel it…but the black hen is bit expensive in Philippines.

    • I think the pole split because I over tightened the locking mechanism. They are very light weight poles. I loved them. Bought the same pair again.

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