Best Camino Water System? Here are 3 options I have Tried

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How best to carry water on your Camino? We are not talking ‘Thru Hiking’ here.
There are a surprising number of ‘systems’ that you could try. The important thing of course is to have easy access to your water and make sure you avoid dehydration.

Running low on water, on a hot day, 10 km from the next water source is not fun. Not only will you feel miserable, but it can create health issues too, some serious!

For the Camino Veterans, what other water systems have you tried?
Love to hear in the comments below.

Big Tip. Drink a lot of water before you set out each morning………

Have you ever run out of water?

Here are some handy links. (no commercial interest)
Hipsta Clips.
Drinking Tube:
Though I prefer this style of bite valve.
Bite Valve:

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  1. Willem

    Hi Rob, I came across you YouTube channel in preperation of a Camino I might do next year. Really informative and nice videos to watch. In this video you more or less confirmed the idea I have about how I am going to organise my water supply. I will probably be using some dopper bottles. These are great (enviremental friendly) plastic bottles. They also have insulated, aluminium and glass bottles. Maybe a good option for yourself as well?

    Thanks for all the nice videos and stories, I try to watch one every day.

    • Rob

      Thanks, I’ll check out those bottles.
      I was a bit weight obsessed this time and used single use bottles, but maybe not the best for health!


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