What’s in my Pack for the Camino? – Love to Hear Your Feedback

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Camino Pilgrims love to talk gear. Packs, boots, poles, sleeping systems…
We love a good packing list.
So here I show my complete Camino gear for the Camino de Santiago all laid out and explain why I take it, and what alternatives you might use. (water system video coming next week)

Regardless of the Camino route and how many days I’m walking, I use the same gear.
If I walked a Winter Camino, I would just add a warmer sleeping bag and shirts.

Love to hear your feedback below. I might cut some items to save another 500 gms…

I should add, for the ladies, my wife Pat carries the exact same gear as me. We look like twins. Other than a couple of lightweight sports bras, and a couple of other items, it’s all exactly the same.

Well nearly. She wears a heavier/warmer version of the merino shirts, but that’s about it. And some of her heavier items somehow end up in my pack…

By splitting our gear between us, she can carry the 22-litre version of the same pack!

Download for your use. Just replace my items with yours and add the weights.

✔️ LINKS to Some of My GEAR ✔️
A few people have asked for links, so I’ll start adding a few here:
It’s not about you buying the exact same products, but being able to just check them out to see if ‘similar’ will work for you. Also, some items are no longer available.

Obviously ‘shop around for the best price.
And please note, I have aimed for ultralight items where I can, which are often more expensive.
You don’t need to spend a small fortune on Camino gear!

Shirts. these are the thin ones. I get hot walking.
Pack. https://bit.ly/2Nd586C
Boots. https://bit.ly/3apdYXM (I’ll use the shoe version next time)
Hiking Sandals: https://bit.ly/2NwhHtu
Bottle Clips. https://www.hipsta.com.au/
Sleeping Bag. https://bit.ly/2ZmwGsu
Underwear: https://bit.ly/3qwVHNU (they have ladies too)
Toilet Trowel. https://amzn.to/2LWgdZ2
Headlamp. https://bit.ly/2NCWBtl
Ultralite Day Pack for shopping. https://bit.ly/2OCk7XY

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