Your Camino Budget Planner

For new Pilgrims particularly it can be hard to estimate what budget will be needed for your Pilgrimage.

Even for experienced ones too!

So feel free to download my Camino Budget Planner. This is what I use for every Camino.

Click to Download Budget Planner

It helps me:

Make sure that I have enough funds for the journey, and
Allows me to ‘test’ a few options to see how it impacts my budget.

For example, I can change the amount of Albergue v private accommodation %
Or DIY meals v café meals and so on.

I’ll try to keep the individual prices updated, but I suggest you do your own research too, to make sure.
Your idea of a budget Casa Rural might be my idea of a fancy hotel for example 😊

If you spot any errors or have ideas for improvement, please do comment below.