Our plan at the moment was to book maybe one day ahead and then once we’re comfortable with our walking distances, perhaps not book at all and just see what’s available as we’re coming to each town.

But it seems quite busy at the moment and when I’m looking at to book casa rurals or small hotels, nearly everyone appear to be booked out. I think that could actually be a combination of two things, one, that some of the hotels are not making their beds available on, also perhaps because it’s really quite busy.

So at the moment we’re actually booking two or three days ahead.

And I must thank my Spanish teacher Jose, for teaching me how to make bookings over the telephone, which is not at all easy for me.

I managed to make my first phone booking yesterday, for a nice hotel in Los Arcos. This was interesting because the hotel wasn’t showing any beds available in, but when I rang up they actually had some beds. And Jose, it went perfectly just as you had practiced with me in our lessons, so thank you.

Now, we just rounded a corner. We’ve come through Mañeru and in front of me, two kilometers away, is Cirauqui, and that’s actually going to be our first stop for the day. We’ll probably stop for some nice, fresh orange juice. And then we might press on to Lorca for our lunch break. Given this is the first day that Pat has already tried to walk a full stage, we thought we might try to get more beyond half way before having our lunch break.



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