Day 6 – Pamplona to Uterga

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We had a very pleasant walk over Alto del Perdón from Pamplona to Uterga.

It was nice to escape the rain until the last hour or so on the way down to Uterga, when the rain became a bit lumpy, in other words hale.

It was interesting to see some pilgrims had ridden over Alto del Perdón on horses, we might have to try that later in the Camino. I think we can get a horse ride up O Cebreiro later in our journey.


Alto del Perdon

Alto del Perdon Horseback Riding


We stayed the night at Camino del Perdón albergue in a private room at the top of the building. It was a very pleasant pilgrim menu and we managed to get to bed early.


Camino del Perdon Albergue


Terrors in the Night

It happened at about 3 am.

Pat woke first, and then me, she was worried that there were ghosts in the building. I laid there and listened for a while, thinking that perhaps a large animal in a nearby farm is giving birth!

The noise seemed to build and build and came from the very walls of the building.

That there seemed to be two animals in pain.

And then it dawned on me, the noise was coming from the next room in the building. It was the dreaded snorer. We had often heard that one of the disadvantages of staying in an albergue, was that we might encounter a number of snorers in the shared accommodation. This is one of the reasons that we choose to sleep in casa rural or private rooms in albergues. Also because I’m a snorer.

But I couldn’t believe the prowess of this snorer. The person’s snoring for Spain without doubt!

At first we tried to go back to sleep, but that was impossible. We then played white noise on our phones, but that even didn’t mask a portion of the sound. I then used the headphones on my phone to play loud music, but even the snoring penetrated the sounds of the music.

After about two hours of listening to this, we fell asleep exhausted, and then overslept not hearing our alarms. So ended up having an hour off to get ready and get back out on the road for our walk to Puente La Reina.

It was only about 7 kilometers direct, but we planned to take the detour to visit the Church of Santa Maria at Eunate.

We were really looking forward to this side trip and see this ancient church.


Road to Santa Maria de Eunate Church


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