No I’m not referring to clever Pilgrims but painkillers and anti inflammatories.

Firstly, let me say that any medications should of be taken following professional medical advice!

So on  my first Camino I ‘survived’ with a couple of daily doses of Panadol and Ibuprofen. This was on advice from my doctor as I have chronic Achilles tendinitis.  I could not have made it without those meds.

So I came prepared  again this year. But just before leaving home, my physio suggested trying Aspirin as they act in a different way.



We’ve used them on a couple of our longer days and I have too say I think they are more effective.  Pat tried them for her Plantaar Faciitis and they help her a lot too.

Might be worth asking your doctor if you too have a condition that needs pain relief or anti inflammatory.


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