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by | Apr 22, 2016 | Blog | 4 comments

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  1. Dave

    You seem very well prepared Pat. I guess you’ve started your walk now so keep us posted about how its going. Best of Luck to you both. Dave.

    • Rob

      Coping well, with a few niggling injuries. ….as you will see in videos…

  2. Andrea

    Oh Pat, you’re so cute. I love Thailand and is so nice to hear your language. Have a great camino. Kob khun ka !!

    Please let us know how these gear was used (I mean, it’s not too many layers?) I’m going in May/June also so wandering what to wear. I also feel cold easily.

    BTW, I got your blog link from the camino forum. ULTRA

    • Rob

      The layers worked really well Andrea. Remember of course that Pat is ‘designed’ for the tropics so feels the cold. She would start off the day with a Merino shirt base layer, then a tech shirt, then a fleece, then a rain jacket. Within 30 minutes the fleece usually came off. and then another layer off a bit later. She was never too cold or too hot. By comparison, being a European ‘design’ myself, I walked mainly in just a tech shirt, or started with a rain jacket for a bit of wind protection early morning.


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