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A personal journey along the Camino de Santiago

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8th of June – To the end of the world

8th of June – To the end of the world

Rob The Traveller

A Trip to Muxia


After 36 hours relaxing and contemplating in Santiago, I thought it was time to visit the ocean.

I had planned to walk to Finisterre after Santiago, but unfortunately time has run away from me and now I have to resort to a bus.

I couldn’t leave this journey without a visit to what is for many pilgrims, the traditional end of the journey.

I had the choice to go to Finisterre or Muxia, I chose Muxia, thinking that it might be quieter, being a small and less visited town. I took a bus from Santiago which only takes an hour and three quarters to get there. I have to say I slept all the way.

On arrival in Muxia, all of the pilgrims on the bus climbed down somewhat sleepily, and stood around wondering what to do next. Muxia is not exactly well sign posted, and it’s not abundantly clear where the main pilgrim attractions might be.



But after a moment, almost like migrating birds, the pilgrims knew where to go.

They headed west to the sound of the sea.


Nuestra Señora de la Barca Church


As I arrived at the small church right on the rocks of Muxia, it was just what I expected and had hoped for.

The immense feeling of calm and peace, and Yes, this really does feel like a much more fitting end to my Camino journey.


Santiago to Muxia
There are about 20 other pilgrims here, taking photos, sitting in isolation on a rock and contemplating. It was really a nice place to just be able to sit and think.

I now feel much more comfortable going home, I don’t feel that there are any loose ends.

Now to find something to eat on the way to the bus back to Santiago.


Some Final Camino Thoughts

Just before I left the rocks of Muxia, I started to reflect on the journey and what it had meant to me.

I had set out in the hope of a physical, emotional and somewhat spiritual journey, and that’s exactly what I got over 40 days.

I talked to many people about whether they would repeat this journey and likewise I’ve been asked that same question. At this stage, I don’t think I would. Why, you might ask?


Why do this again?

This journey has been so special and so unique, I don’t think it could ever be repeated, and any other would only just come out second best.

I’ve also talked to a number of people who seemed to be on the same wavelength, in terms of what the journey meant to them.

For me, this was time out to reflect on life, what’s important, and my priorities going forward. And I’ve managed to do that over and over. The task now will be to make sure that I actually put in place some of those new directions and attitudes.

I’ve also been reflecting on what makes this journey so special.

Why can’t people just walk 800 kilometers in Australia or the US and reflect on their lives and their spirituality?


The Camino is a Very Special Place

This place is very special. This is not just a walk. For those with an open heart and an open mind, this is a true pilgrimage.

You’re walking in the steps of literally millions of pilgrims who’ve gone before you across historic landscapes through hundreds of years of history in a country that if not now, has in the past been deeply religious.

I don’t think this kind of journey could really take place in any other way. It truly is a physical, emotional and spiritual assault course at times.

If by following and reading this blog I’ve sowed the seed of thought in your mind, that you might also undertake a journey like this, then that’s great.

I wish you the best and hope that your journey is as fulfilling as mine has been.


Buen Camino….. 🙂


  1. Wow I can’t beleive it’s finished. When do we expect you back?

    • Another 10 days or so. …

  2. Loved you journey, thanks for sharing it with us, I can’t wait to do it. You are an inspiration, with your injuries you managed to finish still, shows all of us the possibilities.

    • Not sure I will be doing it again in a hurry 🙂

  3. Well done Rob on completing the pilgrim & for the stories on the way – now good luck with your next chapter

    • Thanks Simon. Look forward to catching up soon.

  4. Rob
    Thank you for the superb effort of putting this together. From the comfort of my Lazyboy in Brisbane, I have shared your journey from the start and even I feel some sense of loss now that you have finished! Congratulations!
    I will be setting out on my first Camino from SJPdP on 24 August and so have really appreciated your wide ranging comments. Thank you,

    • Thanks Daphne. And I hope your Camino is everything you hope for.

  5. Great achievement Rob, and I know you found everything you hoped to along the way, and that you will now take those thoughts and lessons forward into the future. It was nice to meet up and chat along the way – Buen Camino.

    • Thanks Dave. Yes it was good to meet up. Maybe you’ll have to try a section of it one day 🙂

  6. Congratulations, Rob! You made it!
    Thanks a ton for your videos and posts, I kept my fingers crossed for you that last week. Already decided to walk the Camino myself 2 years ago, however have not set a time for this yet.
    But with every video and post my desire to get there grew stronger and stronger. Sharing your thoughts on what you have learned and your experiences on the way has been very inspiring.
    Thanks for this and Buen camino for your way in the future!

    • Thanks Andy. And Buen Camino for your future journey!

  7. MR Rob:

    Congratulations Sir! I bid you farewell and am a little sad I will no longer have your blog to look forward to in the evening when I get home! You have certainly been an inspiration and I thank you.

    Take Care,
    (I start my Camino in SJPP on September 5th).

    • Enjoy your Camino Melanie!

  8. Can’t believe how fast that flew by, can’t wait for a catchup to hear your many stories xxx

    • We’ll have to do a Sunday lunch soon…

  9. HI Rob, Congratulations on completing the walk. A great achievement indeed. I can see it has had a profound impact on you. I look forward to hearing more of your experience when you are back home. Cheers Mal

    • I’ll bore you to death for hours Mal 🙂

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