Santiago de Compostela is in Sight

I’ve had a really peaceful day walking from Rua to Santiago.


Rua to Santiago de Compostela


Right now I’m at Monte do Gozo (the hill of joy) and I can finally see Santiago below me.  Just another 3 or 4 kilometers to go!

I’m standing next to the two statues of the pilgrims, totally alone, not a sound except the wind and the tweeting birds.


Monte do Gozo, The Hill of Joy


With the two pilgrim statues I look out over Santiago and can just see the spires of the cathedral.

It will take me at least another hour to reach the cathedral. A chance to unwind on this final stage of the journey.

I’ll arrive in Santiago not with sadness but with happiness. Reflecting on what I’ve learnt on this 40-day journey, and knowing that soon I’ll be back home with those who matter most to me.

What an incredible journey this has been. I hope you too get a chance to make it sometime in the future.

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