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29th of May – The Good Day | Heading towards O Cebreiro

29th of May – The Good Day | Heading towards O Cebreiro

Rob The Traveller

A Family Reunion En Route


Today was a good day for a number of reasons.

Last night my brother David, who happened to be in Spain on holiday, dropped in for dinner and stayed the night. That was really cool as we haven’t caught up in a while, and we shot the breeze over a bottle or two of red wine.

The walk up to O Cebreiro was really quite good today. Although it took a wrong turning!


Walking to O Cebreiro


Somehow I missed the Camino turn off at Herreríasbut it didn’t matter too much because I was able to get there by following the road, which was slightly longer but probably more gentle.

The walk was really very pleasant, the sun was out but it wasn’t too hot and I found the walk up the road wasn’t too strenuous and not too hard on my feet.


Walking to O Cebreiro


Arriving at O Cebreiro, I was really surprised and delighted to see what a beautiful village it was. Of course the first ‘port of call’ was the church, followed by checking in to my casa rural. And then the normal chores of getting my washing done and finding out where to get something to eat.


Casa Rural O Cebreiro

O Cebreiro Church

Inside O Cebreiro Church


I happened to see an advertisement in one of the restaurants for a massage service. And so I asked if that was any good. The owner of the casa rural said that Roberto actually provides a great massage service, so that was enough for me. He came around an hour later, and I had a fantastic massage in my room which really eased the pain in my back and legs.

And the really great day was topped off when I popped back down to the bar for dinner, and saw an old friend from earlier in the Camino in the form of ‘American Bob’. So I was able to have dinner and a couple glasses of wine with Bob which really was a very pleasant end to a great day.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow to a great walk across the hilltops and then skipping forward to Sarria where I’ll start the final hundred kilometers.

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