In Search of Santiago

A personal journey along the Camino de Santiago

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29th of May – En Route to O Cebreiro

29th of May – En Route to O Cebreiro

Rob The Traveller

A Long Walk Uphill to O Cebreiro

5 kilometers out of Ambasmestas


Good news, bad news


Time for some heel supports


Topping up water


At the head of the pass


The final stretch


An interesting discovery




I made it


A church stop


O Cebreiro church


My casa rural


A local resident


Inside my casa rural


  1. That road sign you wondered about does in fact mean ‘photographic viewpoint’ – they are all over Spain. Curious to hear you refer to returning to ‘the real world’ and the rat-race, maybe where you are now is in fact the Real World. Returning home might be the unnatural world that many of us have been conditioned to accepting as the norm ? Just something else for you to ponder on !

    • Have pondered on that long and hard 🙂 watch this space….

      Though I have pondered on so much the last few weeks…..I may need another Camino to ponder on the previous pondering….

      I might just ponder on that a while

      • LMAO…! You crack me up bro. This could turn into a Monty Python sketch.

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