How to Avoid Blisters on the Camino – Yes it can be done

by | Mar 17, 2021 | 2 comments

Blisters can make hiking miserable. But you don’t have to accept blisters as a ‘given’ even though most people seem to get them.

After 3 Caminos and about 2,000 km / 100 days on Camino, I have never ever had a blister following this regime! I’m tempting fate! Now I’ll get one 🙄

But this anti-blister regime on Camino has worked for me, so maybe check it out?

As always, do your own research, and what works for me, may not be what you want or need.



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  1. bev miller

    hi rob- i bought some hikers wool per your recommendation and love it! do you have any tips or tricks to getting it to stay in place? i have a heck of a time getting it to stay where i want it in the sock both when trying to put the socks over it and then while walking- or do you use a pretty big piece each time? idk maybe it is a matter of getting used to it. haven’t picked up vaseline yet so maybe it sort of sticks to the vaseline? thanks for all your help i am leaving in 28 days for my first camino so dialing everything down in my pack/preparation.

    • Rob

      I use quite a large piece, about 3 cm across I guess. If you take care putting on the sock, and then use your fingers to shuffle the wool into the right spot, it shouldn’t move. It actually ‘binds’ into the sock. What type of socks are you using? With wool blend or merino socks it works great.


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