It was during the walk from Villafranca del Bierzo to Vega. It was a relatively short day for most people but 18 kilometers for us, is within our comfort zone.

It was hard again because it was all road, and so the foot injuries needed a bit of Ibuprofen along the way.

As we came towards Trabadelo, there was a sign after the right for the village, and we decided to go into the village to grab something to eat. It was about one or two kilometers walk.

I stopped to take a photo. Pat asked me what I was photographing.

Next to the road was this huge pile of felled trees and somehow, it looked like a pile of dead bodies heaped up next to the road.



And  20 meters ahead was this huge ancient tree that seemed to be looking down upon the fallen.



Don’t worry, I’m not going off my head or becoming a tree hugger. But there was no doubt there was an immense feeling of sadness along that road that we both felt. I wonder, do trees have a conscience, or should it be consciousness?


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