Today is quite a long section for us, about 24 or 25 kilometers.

It started off in a spectacular fashion, with a climb out of Castrojeriz with fantastic views.



After a short walk across the top of the plateau, we head down for our lunch stop.

During the eight kilometer stretch to Boadilla, we stopped for a break to remove our socks off and to have a snack. On starting again, Pat is suffering quite a bit of heel pain. It would seem that the cortisone injections that we had prior to starting are probably starting to wear off. She drank some aspirin and lots of hydration, then we’ll see if that helps. If indeed the effect of the cortisone injections is now wearing off, we might have to see at the next nearest big city if we can get another dose.

But for now we’re almost at Boadilla, we’ll stop there for a short break before the final six kilometers into Frómista.


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