5th of May – An Early Start

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Estella to Los Arcos

I’m still waking up early, but at least I could get breakfast early today.

Breakfast was available across the road at a cafe from the hostel where I was staying.

I’m actually on the road at 7:15 and of course my first challenge is to find the route of the Camino. I know I’m just a couple blocks from it and as I walk towards where I think the Camino is, I soon see pilgrims appearing from various side streets and heading along the way. Another long day, for me at least about 23 kilometers to Los Arcos, starting this early will give me plenty of time to have a rest along the way.

The wine fountain at Irache


Irache Wine Fountain


Walking from Estella to Los Arcos


The weather looks good, overcast, not too hot, and a light breeze, a great day for walking. 

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