We hit a Robs Camino Milestone – 1,000 Subscribers

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OK, not a huge milestone in YouTube circles, but a nice one for us.
Thank You so much for your support of this channel.
As a thank you, we’ve made a couple of donations on behalf of our subscribers:

Fresh water for 1,000 people in remote areas of Cambodia, and
Seeds to grow food for 1,000 children in Malawi.

Maybe you can guess when we’ll hit 2,000 subscribers?
Comment with the date, prior to 30th April 2021 Sydney time.
And whoever picks the closest date, we’ll make an extra special donation on their behalf.

Oh, and if you are wondering how this charity thing works,
I make the charity donations through my business.

This page explains how it all works. https://www.logisticsbureau.com/thanks-a-million/



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