Planning your First Camino – 12 Camino de Santiago Planning Tips

by | Dec 13, 2021 | 3 comments


Planning your 1st Camino de Santiago? Nervous? There is no need to worry.

Millions of Pilgrims have done this before you.


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  1. Geoff Robertson

    Hi Rob
    I made some comments on this video earlier, having watched it on Youtube, and complained about the irritating ads. I apologise, since I did not realise you had your own website with no ads.
    My questions on the video were: 1/ in your What’s in my Pack video, you pack a small pen knife. How did you get that past airport security, since your pack would be carry-on. 2/ I have similar face-fuzz as you, and note you did not pack any shaving gear. How did you manage to stay relatively well groomed?
    BTW – I live on the NSW Central Coast and hope to do the full Portugese next year.

    • Rob

      It’s OK, as I explained on the YouTube Channel, I don’t have adverts switched on. I hate them too.
      But YouTube have changed their policy recently, so that they can ad adverts even if I don’t want them!
      Thankfully it doesn’t happen too often.

      At risk of causing confusion, the videos you see here on this page are the exact same YouTube videos.
      They are just embedded here. You are watching them on YouTube.
      It’s just another place for people to find them.

      The videos you see on the blog pages, are also ‘hosted’ on YouTube,
      but can only be found here. They do not show on the YouTube channel video list.
      That’s because without the context of the blog post, they wouldn’t make much sense.

      Although…….to confuse things even more!
      We’ll shortly be publishing the daily blog post videos on Youtube.
      They just needed titles and captions so that it is easier to follow them in the right sequence.

      To summarise it.
      To read the blogs and see photos and daily videos, come here.
      To watch the regular fortnightly videos, subscribe to the YouTube channel (though they will also appear here eventually on the videos tab)

      I’ll answer the questions again here.

      1) I check in a mailing tube with my knife, liquids and poles.
      2) I start out with everything trimmed short. I was fairly hairy looking by the end. Sometimes if I see a barber along the way I might get a trim.

    • Rob

      I’m sure I replied to these on Youtube. Apologies if not!

      Any knives or liquids I pack into a mailing tube and check it in on the flight.
      I don’t bother shaving. I trim my beard and hair before I leave and just let it grow.


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