29th of April – The Monastery is in sight

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First Sight of Roncesvalles

I’m just on the downhill section from the Ibaneta Pass down to Roncesvalles.

People did say this is hard on the knees,….it is. I’m taking the easier route around to the right, which is a slightly gentler route but a bit longer.

It’s certainly sore on the knees after all the uphill work.

The monastery is nestled down there amongst the trees in the forest at the bottom of the valley and it never seems to get any closer, but I can hear the bells of the clock tower now, which is really nice as I get closer and closer.

2015-04-29 11.43.39

I had a brief look and a prayer or two in the church once I got there….amazing place.

A very good friend lent me his Rosary for the trip and it’s had a couple of uses already…..

2015-04-29 17.34.04

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  1. Pat

    Beautiful church, I like it 🙂 I hope yr knees are ok now, my love.

  2. Rob

    I have aches and pains and twinges in places I did not even know I had 🙂

    But all is fine. I’m sure after 7 days of this it will become more comfortable.

    At least that’s what the old hands tell me….


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