Remembering Denise

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Today we walked from Astorga to Foncebadón.

One of the places that we wanted to visit on the way was the memorial grove, for pilgrims who have died on the Camino.

We expected to see it about 3 kilometers out from the center of Astorga on the left-hand side.

From some distance, I could see the saplings planted in the grove and on one tree in particular the shells glinting in the sunlight hanging from the branches.

We paused for a few minutes in the grove to remember Denise Theim and other pilgrims who had died during their Camino.

I can well remember 3 years ago walking my first Camino and the fear amongst pilgrims walking that section from Astorga. Because at that time Denise’s fate was still unknown. And there were lots of police and local volunteers along that section.

May you rest in peace, Denise, and may all pilgrims walk this path safely.


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