In Search of Santiago

A personal journey along the Camino de Santiago

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9th of May – Nájera to Santo Domingo

9th of May – Nájera to Santo Domingo

Rob The Traveller

Early morning Nájera


A happy day


Santo Domingo lodgings


Parador Santo Domingo


Tapas for dinner


Pilgrim Central


  1. I’n watching the video’s on a 55 inch tv and the quality is amazing. Crystal clear.

    • Good cameraman 🙂

  2. I agree, the video quality is excellent. The audio is also exceptional, as evidenced by my cats’ reaction to hearing chirping birds here in the house from the clips of the countryside.

    Rob, these videos so enrich the blog that it’s a bit like eating chocolate! I’m taking it in smaller bits than I normally do with a blog, but enjoying it so much more. I saw your link on Ivar’s board, decided to sample and now I’m hooked. I don’t know if my circumstances will ever allow me to make the journey myself, so I thank you for making this available.
    Kind Regards from Virginia, United States

    • Glad you’re enjoying the Blog Laura. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that one day you’ll find yourself there too 🙂


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