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18th of May – Almost Halfway to Santiago

18th of May – Almost Halfway to Santiago

Rob The Traveller

A Long Day – Almost Halfway to Santiago de Compostella


The walk today will be a bit of a challenge for many reasons.

It’s almost 27 kilometers and I’m finding my comfortable distance is 20-22 kilometers so I know I’ll be pushing the last section.

Also the weather forecast is for 28 degrees, and a very high probability of rain.

And to add to that, this is the section where the first village and water stop is 17 kilometers.

So that means carrying plenty of extra water and the additional weight that this represents.

I’m leaving early, the house is very quiet, and I’ll be on the road at 6:30. This will give me a chance to get a reasonable distance done before the heat of the day and the rain commences.

The end of this section will be a significant time to celebrate …..  It will be halfway to Santiago.


Camino passport



  1. Half way good on you.

    Seriouly that in it self is a massive acceivement.

    If you get the whle way, you have acomplished something massive.

    • Physio tomorrow. More ice… not out yet 🙂

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