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11th of May – From Belorado to Atapuerca

11th of May – From Belorado to Atapuerca

Rob The Traveller

A Long Camino Day

Lots of stops to let my feet breath.  Lots of water.  But a very long and hot day.  The last 2 kms along a road seemed to take an age and really hammered my Achilles 🙁


Leaving Hotel in Belorado


Setting out from Belorado


Coming to first village


Nothing Open


A Third of the Way


Roman road surface


Villa Franca Montes de Orca


Water Fountain


Resting feet


Better not be a picnic


San Juan


Are we there yet?


At last… bed


  1. Good progress, great weather, nice to hear that your feet are holding up!

  2. Reluctantly……I’ll give my feet a day off in Burgos. The ‘long walk’ yesterday took its toll a bit.

  3. You have come this far and I’m so proud. This would be a massive commitment and I know you have come so far reading your blog posts.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you reach the sea.

    • It might all come to a grinding halt here now in Leon.

      The latest challenge is shin splints… very painful.

      But if it all goes pear shaped it’s been worthwhile thus far, so no regrets.

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